Hello fellow human and visitor! Allow me to introduce myself. I am an old teenager who is back from college and on the prowl for a job. I am currently attending VCU in Richmond, Va as a Sophomore. Freshman year was filled to the brim with experiences, and am forever grateful for VCU's Art Foundation program for that. I low-key miss it, others don't.
My dream is to become a great designer like Bill Bernbach or Michael Bierut and work at Pentagram or Landor; or maybe even running my own award winning design firm. That's what I hope for, but for now, I'll stick with stressing about jobs, going to the gym, playing soccer and exploring design... and being excited for getting into graphic design!!!
You can follow me on my various social media accounts (above) as I experience what it means to be a "good" artist and my experiences as I traverse the sloping plains that I currently know as design.

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